Edinburgh Mysteries, witchery and murders free tour


On the Edinburgh Mysteries, Witchery and Murders free tour we will discover the alleys where the seventeenth century people lived in the city of Edinburgh, how they died during the Black Plague, and the doctors who tried to cure them with bird masks.

We will tell you the mysteries of the South Bridge, where whisky was illegally distilled and corpses were hidden. We will talk about the black market of corpses and serial killers, William Burke and William Hare. We will visit the Old Calton Cemetery and Canongate Kirkyard.

We will climb Calton Hill, where I will tell you about something that I am passionate about: the burning of witches and warlocks, and we will see if any of those who do this tour would have ended up in those bonfires. In Calton Hill, we also have the Observatory, the Nelson Monument and the National Monument of Scotland. They are symbols of the city, but here they are called the Edinburgh’s disgrace.

And we will walk through a passage, Jacob's Ladder, which was used as a secret route during the black market of corpses.

All this mystery and mysticism that has surrounded Edinburgh for decades attracts hundreds of tourists to the city wanting to know what happened during these centuries. Are you going to miss it?


In this free tour we will visit:

We trust 100% in each of our professional guides, and each of them has their own unique, personal style to deliver the stories of the city. Therefore, their routes may vary slightly and cover different areas, but in most cases on the Edinburgh Free Walking Tour we will share with you: 

  • South and North Bridge
  • Black market for corpses
  • Serial killer
  • David Allan's Tomb
  • Burke & Hare History
  • Burning of witches
  • Forms of torture
  • Black Death
  • Old Calton Cemetery
  • Canongate Cemetery
  • Catalepsy
  • Jacob's Stairs
  • End of the World Pub

The approximate duration of the tour is: 105 min

Meeting Point

We will be at 351 High Street (Royal Mile), opposite St. Giles’ Cathedral with BLACK UMBRELLA