Edinburgh Castle Guided Tour


Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest fortresses in Europe, overlooking the capital of Scotland from the top of the castle rock.. An impregnable fortress that has been used for centuries. Today it has become the most visited monument in the country, and a source of national pride.

The tour begins in the Royal Mile, the most iconic street in the city and will go up to the castle esplanade, where the guide will give an introduction to the tour before entering through the main gates.

Once inside Edinburgh Castle, the guide will take you through the different parts of the fortress and tell you its fascinating history, including Scotland’s kings and queens. Inside the complex you will find three museums, two prisons, a canine cemetery, the Chapel of Saint Margaret which is the oldest building in the city, the National Monument to the fallen of Scotland, the Great Hall and a Royal Palace.

Each building contains its own history and secrets, such as the Honors of Scotland: the Royal Crown, the scepter and the sword, being the oldest crown jewels in the British Isles. In addition, inside the Royal Palace you will see the Stone of Destiny, a symbol of the State, since it is the coronation stone of the Scottish kings.

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Important: On this tour you will be guided around Edinburgh castle, with specific stops assigned by the castle authorities. No tour company is authorized to guide inside the buildings. After the tour you will have time to explore all of the buildings inside the castle until its closure.


The approximate duration of the tour is: 90 min

Meeting Point

We will be at 351 High Street (Royal Mile), opposite St. Giles’ Cathedral with BLACK UMBRELLA